Search Engine Optimization “SEO”

Search Engine Optimization “SEO”

Search Engine Optimization “SEO”

Search Engine Optimization "SEO":

The course teaches you the new rules of the digital marketing & Search Engine Optimization, and especially, how to use Google SEO to meet your marketing objectives.

you want to develop your online business website or get used as an SEO analyst, connect with a good SEO training course is the good field to start.

This is an in-depth course, with practical hands on guide.

Our overall SEO knowledge to your business.

SEO training course tailored to your needs..

We have ensured that only the crux of digital marketing is included in the program, so that you only work on what is necessary and are not overloaded with a lot of material which you can never finish.

Also learn Step-by-Step How to Create a Winning SEO Strategy to get more targeted Traffic!

What am I going to get from this course?

• Create and run Search Engine Optimization campaigns on Google

• Optimize campaigns to get the best possible results

• Apply tricks and techniques for great ROI, and run campaigns for online sales, lead generation or brand building.

• Learn the Do's and Don'ts of SEO

• Learn how to build healthy links & Learn how to identify harmful links

• Learn to protect your website from Google penalties and Google updates

• Learn how to recover from Google penalties and Google updates

• Learn how to do SEO and Link Building

Who should attend?

• Small-business owners, entrepreneurs, brand managers and people in similar roles who want to promote their companies online.

• It is especially designed for owners or webmasters of small and medium businesses.

• For business owners who want to do SEO in-house rather than hiring an external SEO company.

• Anyone who wants to become a specialist in Search engine Optimization

• Current or aspiring marketers

• For absolutely anyone who’s interested in an exciting career in online marketing & Conversions tracking


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  1. • Introduction
    • How the web has change the rules of Marketing & PR
    • Web communication to reach your target audiences
    • A World Wide Rave
    • The Content-Rich Website
    • Action plan
  2. • How does a Search Engine Work?
    • What is Search Engine Rank & Copywriting?
    • What is On-Page and Off-Page SEO?
    • White Hat vs. Black Hat or Spamdexing SEO
    • Keywords Research
    • Content Optimization
    • Meta Tags and Titles Optimizations
    • Link Building
    • Sitemap & Robots.txt
    • Workshop